Web design, development and marketing

Strategy & Planning

Turning your requirements into commercially sound online interactivity.


Your message, tuned for the worldwide web to give maximum impact.

Design (inc. Mobile)

From the user interface to the overall look and feel, we craft it all.


Making sure that everything runs perfectly under the hood.

SEO & Marketing

Getting your website noticed and working hard for your business.


Keeping your site safe from the bad guys.  And you asleep at night.

Strategy and Planning


Structured planning at the start of a project saves a lot of wasted time later. Thinking through your brief, and nailing its requirements with you at the outset, means that we can concentrate on the key issues before we start other processes, and in doing so, focus our strategy on what you really want and need.

We never assume. Research is crucial, into you, your customers and audience. We may need to know more about how your business works within its market, more about your market itself, or what your products do on a more educated level; but rest assured, we always do what it takes, efficiently, to make sure you are portrayed correctly, your goals are achieved, and your audience or end users are accurately targeted.

At this stage we explore the ‘user journey’ around your website, and from this design the information architecture. IA will enable us to ensure the right content is created, and that the content is ordered in the best way to navigate your site and get your message across with impact.

This period is very much a collaborative effort with you. It is vital to mesh your know-how with ours. We will get to the heart of the matter, and deduce exactly what you need within the context of your online presence, and how to best produce it. We will consult with you throughout, however is convenient with you, and place timescales on this phase from the beginning to be sure we are on track and your expectations are defined.




Your online content is your voice, your personality, your appearance, and your sales-representative in Cyberspace. It is often your frontline, the first aspect of you a stranger meets. You need to be represented appropriately.

Let us take the strain. We understand online content, it’s a huge part of what we do, and something we do not believe everyone thinks hard enough about. We do not simply recycle your print brochures or advertisements, often we start with a blank sheet of paper and work hard to make you as irresistible as you should be online.

When conceiving online content we must relate to your audience. From our planning stage we will have that insight, and tailor the content accordingly.

We create content purposed for online. Static words on a page are not always enough, hypertext and multimedia afford us so many exciting, immersive, and highly-effective ways to engage.

Our content creators utilize all available methods to communicate with your audience, be it written, visual, video, or interactive.

Search Engines require that content serves a dual purpose. As well as conveying meaning to your users it must communicate with the system at large, as the very nature of the way pages are indexed and ranked now relies heavily on it. A huge factor in successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how effectively content broadcasts its own purpose and meaning. We create content that conforms to this so you can rest assured it is working on every level.

Your content, then, is part of your overall marketing strategy in public and behind the scenes. We ensure it serves to make you proud however you examine it. We have skilled copy writers, photographers, and movie-makers and they love producing winning content for your project.




The design of a website is more than just its visual appearance. It is the seamless integration of elements to make an attractive, easy-to-use entity that reinforces your message and your brand.

It should be as intuitive as possible while still allowing functionality. It requires the knowledge of its audience and Information Architecture decisions that we made earlier in our process.

We begin with a wireframing and prototyping process, using the IA as a reference, to arrange elements and links in a way that presents the best display and path for the site’s components. Content, navigation, calls to action, interactivity, and anything the site requires must be ordered and presented in the ideal way to bring attention to them and make them useful. They must also be as clear and simple as possible. We usually use software to create prototypes that can then be shared among team members and clients for initial testing.

Once all of the elements are in place across the site it is time to style it. We can apply branding and whatever visual personality is required, making use of the prototype(s) for layout decisions. Fonts, buttons, and other recurring elements are drawn up into a style guide, and pages are often mocked-up in software to preview to clients for agreement or revisions. Once designs are completed, the project is signed off for the development stage, where the site will be built around the designs.

Our design studio includes information architects, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, post production editors (for stills and movie), and even highly trained 3D modellers and animators.

Mobile Design (Responsive):


Your site’s look, feel, and function on mobile is not an afterthought for us. We realise it’s now a really big deal.

Google itself has recognised that the majority of website viewing now occurs on other devices than traditional desktop or laptop computers. It is therefore critical that all sites are designed and tested thoroughly for viewing on smartphones and tablets.

The term ‘responsive’ is often used to signify that a web page works well on all formats, and that it can dynamically adjust to do so as the parameters of the screen size change. Unfortunately, in the real world, not all content lends itself to working in this way. We design our layouts responsively as much as possible, but also have a few other tricks in our toolbox to absolutley ensure that your message always works equally well no matter what size screen or aspect ratio.

We love making websites look great everywhere.



Under the skin of any website lies the code. As the capabilities of what is possible through a browser have grown so too has the complexity of the technologies behind it. This has a bearing, in many ways, on the user experience of your website.

Interactivity and function mean that the uses of websites are almost infinite on the modern internet, and along with this comes the reponsibility of producing sites that work reliably and securely, especially as clients rely on them commercially and users must be able to trust them fully. Your website’s performance stems from how it is developed. Like the best mechanics, our developers can build your engine and then tune it to perfection.

Your website must be cleanly coded so that it works efficiently, without errors, and is fast.

Marquis Media has the ability to tailor development approaches based on client need, timescales, and budget. One size does not fit all. For the very simplest projects, best served by a static template, we would usually refer you to one of the many excellent free page builders online. For all other proposals we believe we can help, and we will analyse solutions and present what we believe are your best options.

Many of our clients will find that a customized WordPress solution is ideal, and our developers have been creating self-hosted WP sites since the start. The client cost savings from implementing this approach are evidenced by the prevalence of WordPress-based sites all over the internet today, from bedroom bloggers to the very largest corporations, all of whom rely on its reliable functionality and flexibility.

Much of its power arises from developers’ ability to fully customize using PHP and CSS, in particular, and our WordPress sites benefit from the same hand-coded meticulous attention to every element as many ‘built from scratch’ websites. As a platform it is unwise to dismiss it nowadays, a strange thought for those of us that started off making webpages in Notepad! We can craft extremely capable websites and powerful e-commerce solutions, providing exceptional value for money, this way.

However, if your requirements are more complex or unusual in that a truly bespoke hand-built ‘from the ground up’ solution is required, we have the skilled and talented personnel to do it. Our developers have been working on online applications since the 1990’s, coming from a traditional software development background before that. Because of this we are confidently also able to offer App Development services in addition to our website building work – and it really gets interesting when we combine the two!

Suffice to say, our Development department also includes a testing and Quality Assurance (QA) section. We do not handover or launch until we are confident the product really works and does so in precisely the satisfying way it should. That includes fully testing usability and functionality, and always across a realistic range of browsers and devices.

We would be very happy to discuss your project ideas, and advise on the right development solutions for you and your business.

Some of the technologies we regularly employ include, amongst others:

SEO and Marketing


Your website needs to be seen. Search engines are the means by which your site should get the most hits, and so optimizing for a high ranking is essential.

Our internet marketing experts keep on top of the shifting landscape and most effective strategies, and have been successfully operating in this arena for years. They have experience both online and in the more traditional fields of sales and marketing. SEO seems to many to be as much an art as a science, but we have a solid grasp of the various strategies needed to be visible and stay that way.

It begins with the creation of your site, where SEO tools, metatags, and SEO-friendly text and other devices are baked in, as well as our ability to continue supporting you to increase your ranking after launch, if required. We can also supply Content Management Systems to enable you to frequently update your site(s) yourself (for example with weekly blogs), or can do it for you as part of an ongoing support agreement if you select that option. Regular website updates are crucial to SEO.

We also set up Google Analytics for your site so that its performance can be carefully monitored and tactics adjusted.

Launching a website is only the beginning. So much rests on SEO and optimization, in conjunction with other marketing strategies and often social media integration, to make it a success. We are happy to advise and work on these aspects with you, both for sites we build and your existing ones, so talk to us today about how we can get your site noticed and performing to its fullest promotional potential for you. We can advise on a consultancy basis, or can be engaged to carry out any SEO and marketing on your behalf over an agreed period of time.

We are pleased to carry out SEO and marketing on existing websites, too. Please contact us if you have a site in need of some optimization TLC.




An unfortunate fact of the digital world we live in is that our data is under attack on many fronts. Marquis Media takes security extremely seriously. Both yours and ours.

With policies that include back ups to encryption, timely updates and immediate patches, secure certificates, server maintenance, firewalls, hidden logins, content delivery networks, secure connections and, of course, plain old fashioned confidentiality and privacy, we take every step we can to ensure stringent security at all times. With so much business being conducted online disreputable people will always try and exploit holes. We make daily assessments and backups to ensure we are up to date and everything is locked down on our servers and your websites.

Security is also the peace of mind of knowing that your data will not be lost and we have that covered too with agreed backup schedules (e.g. daily) as part of your deal with us.

You Dream It, We Build It, Watch It Come To Life


 Animation Studio

Marquis Media has full capabilities in all areas of 3D Animation from shading, lighting and textures to environments, composites, model creation, rendering, VFX, to full character development.

 Animation Studio

Marquis Media has full capabilities in all areas of 3D Animation from shading, lighting and textures to environments, composites, model creation, rendering, VFX, to full character development.

“The Marqamators”

The Marquis Media 3D Animators, or Marqamators, are extensively trained in the industry, highly experienced, and hold full bachelor’s degrees in their craft.

Our Marqamators choose to use Maya as their dream-making platform.

Watch your dreams come to life!

“The Marqamators”

The Marquis Media 3D Animators, or Marqamators, are extensively trained in the industry, highly experienced, and hold full bachelor’s degrees in their craft.

Our Marqamators choose to use Maya as their dream-making platform.

Watch your dreams come to life!

Marqamator Lisa's Composites Showreel

App Development


Do you have an idea for a mobile app?

Marquis Media can fully design and develop your app. We will build and test on multiple platforms. Launching a mobile app involves a lot of branding, market research, business development, security, as well as UX/UI research.

Marquis Media will guide you every step of the way ensuring your application will bring users and improve processes for your business. If, instead, your app is designed as an entertainment platform, we will ensure you grasp your intended market.

If you dream it, we will bring it to life.

As well as development of your app we can also carry out App Stores optimization and full ongoing analytics.

We offer shared, VPS, and dedicated server options to suit your hosting requirements and budget*.

All our plans feature: 24/7 x 365  US-based support, backups, optional dedicated IP, SSL, PHP 7, security, statistics, multiple language cPanel, 99.9% uptime, and more.

We run on blazing-fast SSD drives as standard, which are up to 20X faster than spinning disks.

We can register your new domain and set up your email, including integration with G Suite and Office 365.

* Currently only available to our website customers.
A wider service will roll out in 2018.

Why We Are Different: Our Credo and Promise to You

We care. We care about YOUR business and YOUR success. We give you white-glove, personalized attention. No project is too big or too small. After all, this is YOUR brand and we pledge to make it a success online. Your website is not just a website to us. Your success is our top priority.

We adhere to the highest standards in everything that we do. From our products and services, to our design, our code, marketing and SEO, hosting, security and data protection. Marquis Media will exceed your expectations.