How much time do you spend on your mobile device daily? Research shows that people spend between 2 and 5 hours A DAY on their mobile devices. With your devices glued to your fingers, it’s no wonder Google is ranking websites according to mobile first, and desktops second now.

Mobile technology has continuously been a part of everyday life for more than a decade. Unfortunately, not everyone considers the use of a smartphone when it comes to website development. In today’s market, you might as well walk and hand money over to your competitors. That’s what a lack of a mobile-friendly site is essentially doing.

Although app use is a vital element for many businesses, it’s not the only aspect of mobile readiness. By not having a site that can adhere to smartphones and tablets, you’re alienating a vast portion of your audience. This will surely play a part in losing out on revenue.


Users Spend More Time on Mobile Devices Than Desktop Computers

Instead of marketing to people who sit at home or in an office at a desktop computer, mobile opens many doors. For one thing, people check websites when they’re standing in line, waiting around, and even on lunch breaks. Anywhere there is an Internet connection, you can easily assume smartphone users are accessing websites. In addition, online sales from mobile users continues to rise according to Google. About 60% of smartphone and mobile users in the United States alone make monthly online purchases, and with millennials, that number increases.

If your page takes longer than three seconds to load, or doesn’t work correctly on your users’ mobile devices, about 50% of users WILL ABANDON YOUR PAGE. If your website isn’t interactive, you may not hold their interest either.

And don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. If your website has a poor design and isn’t mobile-friendly, users are more than ready to NOT RECOMMEND your business, especially on social media. Everyone has a voice on social media.


A Mobile-Friendly Website is NOT the Same as a Mobile Application.

Mobile applications and mobile friendly websites are very different. Both are important, and I recommend both to any business. Having a customized application can improve your business and processes in many ways internally and externally.

Consider how you search every day. Most of the time a user will Google search to arrive at an actual website. They may bookmark that site for the future and may also Google it again. The reason why is convenience. I know Best Buy has a website, but because I am busy, on the run, completing multiple tasks at a time, I will just go to my Chrome bar on my device and either type in “Best Buy” or say “Okay Google, Best Buy”, and search for what I am looking for. I may also ask Google “Okay Google, 4K TV’s on sale” and I will click on the Best Buy website that way. Therefore, most of my daily use is through Google, through a website.

The process and psychology behind using mobile applications is very different. I may visit my Google Play Store once or twice a month, and it is a deliberate reason for a specific application. For instance, I use the PayPal secure app to transfer funds. I made the decision to download the app because it is a frequent process for me, I log in and all my information is already there, and it is a secure way to transfer funds. I also downloaded the Best Buy app. I use the app when I am ready to make a purchase because my account details and data are securely saved in the app. But I still use the full website in the beginning of my buying cycle.

Therefore, mobile applications are ideal for users with multiple usage, current customers, later in their buying cycle, to complete transactions, keep track of sensitive data, and improve processes. Some mobile applications are free, and others are paid, and mobile applications do take up space and storage on devices.

Mobile applications are extremely important, but you must still make sure your website is interactive and mobile friendly. Both attract different types of users. The most black and white way to look at it would be new customers versus current customers. Make sure you are keeping both types of users happy.

Contact Marquis Media today to make your website mobile friendly today. We can improve your existing website or build you a new one from the ground up with mobile in mind. And if you are at the stage of your business where you are ready for a mobile application, contact us today.