What is a SERP feature?

A SERP feature is any result on a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) that is not a traditional organic result.

Some great examples of SERP Features (courtesy of www.moz.com) are:

  1. Rich Snippets which add a visual layer to an existing result (e.g., review stars for product ratings)
  2. Paid Results that are bought by bidding on keywords (e.g., AdWords or Google Shopping)
  3. Universal Results that appear in addition to organic results (e.g., image results, new results, featured snippets)
  4. Knowledge Graph data which appears as panels or boxes (e.g., weather, Celebrity Knowledge Panel)

In the early days of Google, every result on the SERP looked the same, and these traditional organic results have not changed much in appearance over the years.

But, over the years since the rise of Google AdWords, other non-organic results have been added into SERP.

Some of these include:



-Knowledge Panels

-Image Packs

-Top Adwords

-Bottom Adwords

-Local Packs

-Featured Snippets

-Related Questions


-Knowledge Card

-News Box

-Site Links

-Shopping Results

-Local Teaser Pack

-In-Depth Article

 How This Impacts You:

The rise of added SERP features means that organic search is not the only way to be seen and gain rankings. Organic search results are not the top dogs anymore. I know when I do a Google search, sometimes I may click a local pack (map, directions and other local information in the box on the right), rather than clicking a direct link to a website. It is all about the relevancy, ease and user-experience. If I am searching for an image, I usually click an image pack before an organic website, even if I am searching for an image specific to a site or to a photographer.

With the evolution of SERP features, it’s critical that you (a) track your rankings within these features, and (b) monitor the features that show up for your keywords and are potentially stealing traffic from you.

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